Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Mail in Nebraska

It was announced this week that nearly 90 United State Postal Offices in the state of Nebraska may be closed next year as a way of saving money.  For many small towns in Nebraska the post office helps to establish its identity.  The debate over whether or not that identity is worth the cost is sure to begin.  However, not too many generations ago not every town had its own post office.  Check out this link from the Nebraska State Historical Society on how Nebraskans first got their mail.


boycem3 said...

How interesting! It is so cool that you can take a current event and pull history back into it. It really makes it personal when the history is about Nebraska.

Katelyn Driscoll said...

Verry Interesting.

Kaylie S said...

i just cant believe what it would be like riding a horse halfway across the country! thank godness we have cars and planes!