Thursday, August 14, 2014

First lesson....

August 13
by Thunder Student Cece Ortiz

Yesterday in Mr.Myers American History class we acted out a symbolic-like lesson representing countries claiming land in North and South America by using ourselves as the countries.

Mr. Myers assigned four different groups a colored stack of square paper, tape, and a set of instructions. After reading the instructions we learned that we were to stick our pieces of paper to different pieces of furniture and/or parts of the room, claiming it for our group/country.

After our group completed the activity we saw that we had the most pieces of paper and had finished first. The rest of the groups had taken longer to complete because they had a longer set of instructions to follow. As a class we then came to the conclusion that each group represented an individual country claiming land in North America. Our group had represented Spain, the country who had first landed from Europe and conquered land in South America. We also came to the conclusion that the group that finished last, and also had the least pieces of paper, represented the Netherlands. The Netherlands had a large amount of money, but didn't have the man power, the ships or the weapons to conquer new land. 

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