Monday, August 12, 2013

Study Already??

Don't look now, but in the right hand column, down just aways, is a list of review links.  There you will find links for most of our tests this year.

I know what you are thinking - wait I can study ahead of time??

Of course!  Studies show that the more you know the vocabulary and people ahead of time, the easier it is to understand the stories, concepts and lessons in history.  So go ahead and click that first review link - or better yet get the Quizlet app and study on your way home, in the morning on the way to school or in the shower (not recommended).

 Last year a few students created their own accounts and made their own review quizzes to share with one another. Totally cool.

Go ahead - study now - before we have even met....I dare you.

Mr. Myers' Quizlet Dashboard

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