Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Welcome to Our Story!

A polarized country, uncivil political discourse, media bias and propaganda, …

This is our story, not current events but part of who we are as a nation, nothing new.  It is a constant working at perfecting this union.  It is a story that is not only awesome to share, but exciting to be a part of.  This year we will be studying our story, your story.  We won’t get to it all, but will hit most of the highlights.  There will be great moments and quite frankly some tragedies.  We will look at both and as much as we can in between. I do not expect you to come in with a love for history, I understand many do not.  I simply hope that you have an openness to hear a story, learn some new plots and characters, and come to the realization that no matter who you are, our history is your story and that you play a part in not only creating the identity of America, but its future identity as well.  To be sure you will also learn some technical skills; some map reading, reading comprehension and evaluation, research gathering and analysis and work management.  But that will all come on the pages of the story we will share.  We will begin with thirteen colonies full of people with all sorts of motivations, hopes, dreams and fears.  We will end as the nation attempts to cover it largest wound and violent disagreement.  In the end we will see that our nation is the longest running collective of people perfecting themselves.  It is a great hope, begun many years ago and that still holds true today.

I am excited to get to the story and to share it with you.  More importantly I cannot wait to see how you play a part in that story.  Let’s get going…


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